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Basil scented Sambac - "This scent from NASO is everything natural and more. The sambac reminds me of the childhood winters spent in my mum's beautiful garden and the basil adds that extra oomph to it that’ll liven up any chef on earth! 

Loving all the scents from NASO as they’re natural floral scents and last very long! Couldn’t be happier that it’s a homegrown brand."

Akriti Malhotra


"A delightfully pleasing and delicate fragrance of Saffron which rejuvenates the senses. Triggers memory of the earthy smell of khus used widely in the hot summer months of North India. Also reminds me of the sweetness of cardamom and sandalwood. Always uplifts my spirits whenever I spray it on me. Feel connected to our traditional Indian fragrances that bombard one's senses in all the ritualistic ceremonies."

Sonia Sanwalka


"Blackcurrant lilac is unique. Rebirth like Xavier Rudd’s music. Grounding the earth but at the same time I can picture big waves of vast oceans. Surfing those waves as I gravitate towards my inner self that is like viewing a cycle. Love to use it for my yin yoga practice in the PM. Rose and Limone and Mint is sensual. Takes me back to Sicily which was my home for the last couple of years. The sweetness of rose brings coolness in summer temperatures. The freshness of lemon and mint balances the taste of full dimensionality of my dynamic morning yoga practice."

Avantika Kocchar


"I had never thought perfume could be such a big part of your personality until I had my first experience buying NASO perfumes and candles. The NASO team gave me in depth knowledge of each product and understood what kind of smell would be perfect for my nose palette.My first purchase was the Tamarind infused in Bergamot. I fell in love with it instantly. At first it may feel like overpowering however, once you let it breathe, it really blends in with your natural scent giving you a very uplifting vibe."

Tanvi Gupta


"Mud Infused in Oud -To be honest “dirt” is not exactly what I associate perfume with. The initial spray is confusing, it is very heavy and the Mud is overpowering. But the secret in this fragrance is that you have to let it sit and then it evolves in something truly amazing. Once it develops on your skin it becomes a fragrance that you have never smelled before. It is thoroughly unique and you find yourself keep coming back to it; mysterious and empowering at the same time."

Phio Hyuin