The Launch- January 2020

Naso x DLF Chanakya

We offer an exploded amalgamation of our vast base of ingredients - for our audiences to breathe what they like from. It is through pop up shops like the same - we manage to gauge the trail of pallet that ranges from audiences across the globe. We personally work with each client to understand their sensitivity to smell, in order to produce their own.

THE CHANAKYA has offered being one of the initial kickstarters to the naso family to spread their horizon across Delhi, India. 

Naso x Vitality Hours by Antidote

In order to create the layered aura a NASO parfum creates- it goes through varieties of tuning. 

The base of all our smells stem from the 'attar' or a combination of different purely extracted concentrate from flowers. We extract our flower from the best suitable climatic conditions from across the globe to attain its rich essence in its most true state. We then distill the same in our in-house distilleries to produce abundance of oud// pure concentrated attar - a combination of various tones of wood, flower and soil. Making the process 100% green. 

The Anti-Perfume concept comes through with these combinations are proving to be an 'odd' mix of ingredient such as herb e spice. We often work with ingredients out of the pallet to create a surprising rather exciting recipe of perfume. 


Naso x Future Collective India

To practice a sustainable living is the only way forward and we were ecstatic to be a part of the Conscious Culture Design Fair - a carefully curated design show highlighting  art, fashion, home, design sharing a mutual interest of bringing together arthouses showcasing luxury through culture and thought provoking mindful approaches behind each.

Naso x Helping Hands

Helping hands is a leading non profit organisation in India that helps children in our country suffering from paediatric cancer. The proceeds of this particular exhibit were donated towards the welfare for these young children. NASO was proud to contribute to this initiative.