Our Principles

Green Design

We are extremely environmentally conscious and this is conveyed in our design sensibilities. All of our products are free of synthetic chemical. Bottle design and usage of product are matters of high sensitivity and we try and curate our designs in an environment friendly and anti-waste way.

The Anti-Perfume Perfume

Anti-perfume perfume celebrates molecule; showcasing the subtilities and inticacies of lab derived olafactry experineces. It is said to be more of an effect than a fragrence. Its more of a feeling and an emotion that one wears. The ground breaking formulations that the absurdly addictive smells have to offer, don't essentially have to make you smell like a bouquet of owers, but is designed in the lab specially to suit the molecules for your skin type. Making it an extremely personal experience

A New Normality // NORM-CORE

In a world where craziness has become so passé, normal is the new cool! Our gender neutral scents embrace the rising norm-core trend in international fashion.